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Love to learn, Dare to dream
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       Blooming Buds High School a good,standard, reputed High school in the Mehdipatnam area of Hyderabad with CBSE Primary and SSC in High School was founded by Prof K.Nagi Reddy, an ex-IITian and a stalwart in the field of engineering and education a decade ago in the year 2000. Prof Reddy aimed at imparting value-based education to the future generation of the country.

      Prof Reddy’s vision is being nurtured and carried forward by the President of the school society Sri V V Krishna Reddy, also an IITian and with a penchant to delve into the depth of our age-old wisdom to bring forth an education for the whole life of a child.



      The school’s vision statement is says “Love to Learn,Dare to Dream”- which envisages for the school an environment of freedom and life. The learning environment in the school where the students learn in a free, lively environment. Where the creative spark in a child is never allowed to go unnoticed or subdued by academic burden. Where the latest and fastest technology is readily available to the child. Where the children are allowed to grow up as close to nature as possible and thereby inculcate a reverence to all the life forces that surround a child throughout his life. The children are motivated to dream and fix their goals early in life and thereby grow up displaying an avid respect for learning.

Why us

      The school following CBSE curriculum in lower grades and SSC in High school is run by a team of qualified, dedicated people with a keenness to impart quality education to the future generation of our country. The school provides a lively learning environment where the students are eager to learn and eager to experiment. The friendly environment allows and appreciates the efforts of even the so called back-benchers and slow-learners and thus guides them to achieve their dreams. The knowledge and expertise of Extra Lesson, the skill advancement therapy to improve the academic skills like spellings, reading, logic, hand writing as well as social and behavarioul skills, allows the curriculum to identify and