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About Us

About us

In this school each child is considered precious. Even the most shy child blossoms in the friendly encouraging environment of the school and gains confidence to speak in public. Teachers are always encouraged to think out of the box and impart the best learning in each class. A mutual rapport of respect and dignity exists in the school which paves the way to a free exchange of ideas between the teachers and the taught. Parents are always encouraged to come up with suggestions on improvements. Parents actively take part in the activities/ programmes organized in the school with almost the responsibility of a family. Like a tiny sapling growing up to be a big tree under proper care and protection, so does each child in the school under the protective care of the school and the parents working hand in hand. In the school the students are always encouraged to discuss their problems, dreams, ambitions with their teachers. Even their wildest dreams have a patient ear in the school to either guide them or encourage them to achieve.

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     “The school has offered me the freedom to do my own intensive research and deliver my subject to my students with utmost confidence. I felt 100% satisfied on being able to do justice to my subject and to my class. The school has always encouraged and taught us new methods of approaching and teaching a subject. ” – Mrs. Sayeeda, teacher

     “I am thankful to the school staff and management for their loving protective care to my kids. Their encouragement and guidance has allowed my children to loose their inhibition and be able to express themselves confidently in public” – Mr.Sreedhar, parent

     “When at a gathering I meet many students at a time, I realize that my children have an edge over the others. Their moral values and reverence for life are like a benchmark of the school. I am proud to have my children in the school and be a part of such a rich value-based education system” – Mr.Rao , parent

“I feel my teacher is like my mother in school, who is firm when I am wrong and is equally encouraging when I am looking for help or I falter in my work.” - Mr. Sai, student