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About Curriculum

Growing children have boundless energies, countless ideas and infinite, innumerable questions. In order for our children to realize their fullest potential, we need a long term vision of their holistic development and academic enrichment. Budding children need an environment of safety and protection. Children blossom in a climate of care and an environment of love and positivity. The little adults need understanding teachers and supportive parents to mould their curiosity and creativity. Rapid industrialization and globalization have thrown up changes like never before, creating new types of jobs and skill requirements. In order to harness these opportunities, India must prepare her schools with new thinking and an innovative curriculum, not just restricted to theoretical books but extending beyond, to their practical applications. The curriculum in the school has been exclusively developed after intensive research to suit the needs of the present generation of school going children. The school follows the XSEED mode of learning from the tender age of Nursery.


XSEED is a complete academic solution for schools. It raises student performance and builds quality of teaching inside classrooms.

Research shows that XSEED delivers significantly higher learning and understanding in children, compared to regular teaching methods. With XSEED in classrooms, teachers show significant improvement in areas such as collaborative learning, use of experience and questioning.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Education today can no longer be restricted only to only books and classrooms. The students have to be taught to apply their knowledge into the real practical world. The knowledge that the children gain from the books is sharpened and strengthened by their practical applications in their Extra-Curricular classes.

Quiz/ Elocution/debates

The students of today need to have the confidence to be able to express themselves in their own words. They are expected to have knowledge way beyond their books. They are expected to be able to take their own stand and stick to it. All these require regular training and practice from the school going age. And the quiz, elocution and debates organized in the school helps to achieve this goal.

Rhythm and Movement

The growing child learns best when he is taught certain facts through rhythmic exercises. In this age of multi-tasking the children are trained to master the art from a very tender age in the school through rhythmic movement. Such movement even enhances body balance and spatial orientation in a child.

Language Lab

Today’s job market demands applicants to have excellent communication skills and creativity. Phonics is introduced at a tender age in the school for students to achieve a solid foundation in vocabulary and spellings. Creative Writing forms an integral part of the activity of the Language Lab activity. Writing reviews, conducting mass research is practiced in the Lab to prepare our kids for the future competitions in their career.

Celebrations and Festivals

Our moral and cultural values shape our destinies and professional outlook. Without a healthy appreciation of the beauty of a diverse Indian culture, our children will be left foundationless in a society of chaos. Values such as integrity, excellence, patience, perseverance etc. help the children reach their goals with dignity and self-respect as they grow into teenagers and later adults. Celebrating national and regional festivals in school help preserve the universal language of love and understanding and the the value of life- long learning and appreciation of the need for unity in diversity.