Elementary School

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Our Facilities


The school provides efficient pick up and drop facility for a smooth and comfortable transit from home to school and vice versa. This gives the students a secure mode of transit which helps them to concentrate better in the classroom.

Art & Craft

Creating works of art from bits of paper and pieces of craft is an avenue to provide creative challenges to children who are more than ready to dive into any creative activity. It comes naturally for them. Such creative stimulation improves the mental agility of the child and helps increase their confidence and problem solving skills.


Computers now play an integral role in our everyday life Hence. As such it is imperative for the children to be well well-versed with the operations of the machine from an young age. Computers are now a source of immense information which the students delve into with proper guidance from their teachers.


A Library has been the age-old treasury of knowledge and remains so even today. The works of famous authors help the children learn to appreciate literature. It helps build their vocabulary and imaginative skills. Children learn to visualize the stories and retain them in their memory for life.

Indoor Games

Table Tennis is played by the students to improve their precision, timing, judgement and agility. Malkhamb is taught in the school to improve body balance and flexibility in the students. Indoor board games like chess, carom, scrabbles, chinese checkers, playing cards, ludo privide etc provide a regular vent of relaxation to the busy minds in the school. They are excellent means of improving hand-eye co-ordination and logical thinking in the students.

Outdoor Sports

All the learning activities and knowledge building will be limited in development if children are not allowed to do what they love most – running, jumping and playing freely and naturally. A healthy mind blossoms in a healthy body. Essential skills like concentration, team work, competitiveness are learnt on the playground. Well designed playground activities and guided indoor activities are a must for physical and mental agility. It is these skills that come to play in academics also.


The students are encouraged to participate in national and international competitions so that they get a taste of the competitions they are likely to face in future. The time-bound tests, the OMR sheets, interpreting new questions, delving into the depth of their knowledge- all help prepare for the competitive world outside. The national Olympiads are organized in the school every year.

Field Trips

Regular Educational trips based on the demand of the academic curriculum are regularly organized and provides the children with an opportunity to see with their own eyes what they read in their books. They also gain the hands-on experience of observing as well as working on some models they have read about. Apart from these Field Trips the students eagerly wait for the Annual Picnic where they are allowed to shed their inhibitions up into the air and enjoy a day out with their friends and teachers.

Wood Carving

The tiny hands work deftly with the utmost concentration to create works of art out of wood. The effort improves their concentration and allows their motor skills to be sharpened. The joy of creating something out of nothing nourishes the soul of every participant and thoroughly satisfies their ego.


The creative potential of children is realized when they are able to apply their learning to practical ideas and natural concepts.. What is needed is a systematic interpretation of their ideas and real world implementation of their concepts. Streams of education like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) robotics education are playing a major role in bringing such practical visions to creative reality. Children are able to make their own machines using predesigned components and set them up in motion using a combination of mechanical and electrical parts. Further they select simple computer programs to make the machines work as per their instructions. This practical way of demonstrating the power of knowledge is extremely satisfying for children and is a starting point for the realization of their creative potential.